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DryPro is the only cast cover with a vacuum seal – So it’s the only one that ensures your arm remains 100% dry.

No other product on the market gives you the DryPro vacuum seal technology, ensuring a completely airtight fit, so good it can’t even be pulled off your arm.

With a DryPro, you can relax while taking a long soak in the bath, enjoy your regular shower, take your usual swim in the pool or like so many of our customers, save your Summer holidays.

The DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover is the American made global market leader and has been trusted all over the world for more than 20 years. Our patented vacuum seal ensures that not a drop of water gets in and your cast or bandage stays completely dry.

Available in many sizes, to suit both kids and adults, the DryPro waterproof cast cover is made from durable, surgical grade rubber that will not rip or tear.

Easy to put on and easy to take off again, DryPro lets you maintain your usual routine safe in the knowledge that your cast, bandage or dressing will remain completely dry and alleviates the fear of a return hospital visit, which can so often happen with other brands.

Using the detachable hand held pump, you pump the air out and the vacuum seal is so safe that you can submerge your arm completely without any risk, you can even swim in the pool or jump in the sea.

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Measure the circumference of the arm or leg right above the cast. (If the end of the cast is very near the elbow, measure mid bicep or mid thigh).

Do not measure around the cast! Measure around the skin.


Measure from the tip of the middle finger (or the bottom of the heel) to the top of the cast. It is ok if the cast protector measurement is longer than the limb measurement, the protector will still work. Extra length will be removed when the vacuum seal is created.

According to the measurements you entered, we recommend:
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Arm Cast Cover Arm Circumference (cm) Arm Length (cm)
Small Half Arm (HA-13) 20 – 25 44
Large Half Arm (HA-15) 25 + 50
X – Small Full Arm (FA-12) 15 – 17 40
Small Full Arm (FA-14) 17 – 22 58
Medium Full Arm (FA-16) 22 – 25 71
Large Full Arm (FA-18) 25 + 80

36 reviews for Arm Covers

  1. Beth (verified owner)

    100% recommend this product. My son broke his arm two weeks before our beach holiday and was gutted about not being able to go in the sea. After some research I bought the DryPro and, as so many other reviews say, it saved our holiday. I was scared it would let in water so we tested it out first but it kept his cast bone-dry for two weeks of almost daily use. He was able to paddleboard, swim and rockpool as much as he wanted. It’s really tight so you need to take breaks but he would have kept it on all day if we’d let him. I don’t see how any other design could be 100% watertight. So impressed!

  2. David Smith (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. I broke my wrist and was given a cast to wear three days before our summer holiday. The cast cover was excellent and I wore it every day swimming and whilst showering. The vacuum seal was very strong meaning no water at all got into the cast. The cover saved my holiday and let me swim with the kids and go down slides!

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Although I measured my daughters arm carefully as instructed, the cover we received was far too long (we ordered a half arm cover by it came up almost to her shoulder!), and didn’t seal properly. It let in water and we had to abandon it. Worth a try but ultimately a waste of nearly £50 and sadly my daughter was unable to swim on our family holiday as we had hoped.

  4. Ross Jackson (verified owner)

    Excellent product, worth every penny.
    Totally saved my holiday after being put in an arm cast a week before we left. Snorkelling in the sea and swimming in the pool have not been a problem at all.

  5. Kim Morgan (verified owner)

    Absolutely saved our family holiday! My son’s wrist cast was well protected whilst snorkelling and swimming in Lochs. A happy little boy instead of a miserable knee.

  6. Zac Brunner

    Amazing. Broke my arm 2 weeks before holiday and was gutted. We bought this and a cheaper blocs one. The quality of this is as on another level. The latex was much thicker and the seal was a lot stronger. I was able to swim and even snorkel with turtles. However after 2 weeks of solid use it broke however after the stress and use it had been through deffinitly can’t blame that on the product but if your going away on holiday for more then 10 days order 2 just to be safe for how well they do there job these are dirt cheap if your using it to save a holiday.

  7. Bunge Adedeji (verified owner)

    Bought it for my partner who was really sad she’d broken her arm in two places, just the week before a holiday. Have had one of these myself long time ago for a leg injury and I knew they were the only ones to get if you want to stay dry and take part in swimming, or getting in a pool or hot tub. She was delighted and was able to take part in all the things she thought she was about to miss out on. They’re a great product and if used as instructed ensure you remain totally dry, throughout. Brilliant.

  8. J Ayling (verified owner)

    great product – does what it is supposed to do kept cast dry for baths and the sea

  9. Emma (verified owner)

    This literally saved our holiday!
    I purchased the full arm cover for my son after he broke his arm 2wks before our holiday. I was so worried he would miss out on fun but after the first couple of days of being a little cautious he was swimming underwater, jumping in, going on water slides etc. We covered the cast in a tubigrip first to stop it rubbing on the cover which also helped when removing it as we could just roll it off his arm. It does take a bit of time and effort to put on but it is well worth it.

  10. Dennis

    This was just the best. A broken hand 5 days before our winter sun holiday looked like no swimming but this solved everything. Slight care needed in removal, struggled sometimes, but the cast stayed absolutly dry even in a rough sea. Prompt delivery even though it was Christmas.

  11. John kelly

    A great company and an even better product. My son needed some form of waterproof cast cover for summer holidays and this company provided an efficient ordering/delivery system in a hurry. the product is user friendly and 100% waterproof. Many thanks.

  12. Mrs Alex Hems

    This really made a difference to our holiday as it meant that our daughter was able to be in the pool and the sea with the rest of us. Unfortunately in order to really keep the water out you have to pump until the cover is quite tight around the arm and she found that quite uncomfortable if she tried to wear it for long periods. Overall it was a great success though, and saved our holiday which had been looking fairly bleak for her.

  13. Cathy Maker

    Fantastic product. My 11 year old son broke his arm a week before our holiday to Australia. I thought our holiday was ruined. The Dry Pro actually works. We used it in the pool and sea. It helps to cover the caste with a sock to protect the cover from tearing on it the rough caste. Thank you for making something that really works. My son cried when he heard he had to have a caste, but with Dry Pro he didn’t miss out on anything.

  14. Pete

    Excellent product, it has saved our holiday after breaking my wrist playing Hockey 2 weeks before we left.

  15. Anna

    We have been delighted with this cover. My daughter broke her arm a few weeks before our holiday to Spain and would have been devastated if she couldn’t have swum in the pool. With the cover she swam every day and also used it snorkeling in the sea. I would highly recommend it.

  16. Kate Butterworth

    Fantastic product and next day delivery service. This product saved my 5 year olds fun in the pool on holiday, he broke his arm days before we went on holiday and DryPro provided brilliant next day delivery and the product really worked not one drop of water got through. I would highly recommend.

  17. Tracey

    What an incredible product this is! My daughter is a real water baby and the dry pro has saved our holiday. She was devastated when the hospital said no swimming but, fortunately, my determination led me to the dry pro and it has been fantastic. My daughter has been in the pool every day: swimming, doing handstands, jumping in etc and the cast is bone dry. thank you!

  18. Fay Arthurell

    We bought a dry pro full arm cast for my 4 year old son who broke his arm a few weeks before a holiday to centre parcs. I was nervous about how much he could do in the pool, and thought he might have to miss out and was so sad for him. However, we have just had our first full day…. He has gone down water slides and shoots, jumped in the pool, been in the wave machine and floated down the lazy river. The cast hasn’t stopped him at all and the dry pro has kept it completely dry meaning we can carry on as normal and he is having a wonderful time. Highly recommend!

  19. tina

    This product was absolutely fantastic.
    My son 10 broke his arm the day before we were due to fly to Florida. We were advised by hospital that we could not fly but we managed to salvage our second week. My son was broken hearted that he could not go in the pool, but this product saved the day
    I cannot recommend it enough, no leaks easy to use and good value
    thank you

  20. Richard Hill

    Worked well. Allowed me to go swimming both in the pool and in the sea. Just need to be careful when removing it.

  21. Marion Lorman

    My 10 yr old God-daughter broke her arm a couple of weeks before our holiday in Spain. I searched the web and found Dry-Pro. What a fantastic product! It saved her holiday. She could swim in the pool and the sea, snorkel, get knocked over by waves and roll in the surf – in fact, all the things she loves doing. And she played ‘shark’ with the arm – chasing me and making the ‘deh-deh’ sound as I tried to swim away! Being a ‘mermaid’, and as it was so hot it would have been disastrous if she had to sit on the beach just watching. Thank you Dry-Pro – cannot recommend highly enough.

  22. Vaughan

    What a brilliant product!!! Just returned from a two week sailing holiday in Greece and my 12 year old son, with broken hand, couldn’t have survived without a Dry Pro. It lasted until the last day – sadly ripped at the top but had been put on and off three to four times a day so I think that it served its purpose. It saved his holiday. Would highly recommend one.

  23. Joanna MUDGE

    We brought a full arm drypro for our 9 year old son. We were due to go on holiday to COrnwall and he is a water fanatic.
    We have now been here 3 days and the Dry pro has been an absolute god send. He has been in the sea boogie boarding, snorkeling and going to have a go at surfing today.
    If it had not been for the Dry pro our holiday would have been ruined, as he is such an avtive 9 year old it would have tortured him to sit there and watch.
    We did as other said and used a long sock, cut the arm out off his wet suit and used the dry pro, and all good so far, cast has remained completely dry.
    Thank you so much.

  24. E Williams

    Excellent product. My son has used this daily for showering for 5 weeks and there have been no leaks or problems. We followed advice from other reviews and put a long sock over the cast first and this makes it easier to get the cast cover on and reduces the risk of damaging the cover. Would have liked to have tried it for swimming but as my son had k wires as well as a cast, we didn’t want to risk infection.

  25. Benio

    The arm cover came next day when ordered.i had broken my hand two days before my holiday and thought it would be ruined but was able to swim in the sea and snorkel with the fish.even managed to go down the water slides.i would give it 5/5 but it’s a bit expensive seeing as hopefully I never need to use it again.

  26. toni boden

    My son broke his wrist 4days before going on holiday and after reading previous reviews on this product i decided to order it. It has by far been the best holiday item i have ever purchased as without this my sons holidays would have been ruined, instead he spent his whole holiday swimming in the pool. No water got in at all. Definately worth buying.

  27. Shelly Welsh

    WOW!! This cast cover saved our holiday. Our 10 year old daughter broke her wrist 3 weeks before we were due to fly out to Mexico and she is a keen swimmer so we were hoping this cover would do the trick. Needless to say it did, and more! The cast was kept perfectly dry every day after plenty of use, and we had no end of positive comments from fellow vacationers saying what a fantastic idea it was. Thumbs up all round from us. Thank you Dry Pro!

  28. AliG

    Absolutely fantastic. So pleased to find something so watertight to allow my son to swim on his holiday. He was able to jump in the pool, dive without a problem. Occasional leak but think that was our fault- We put a loom band across the top to ensure the top was tight but not sure it was really needed. Broke his arm 2 days before holiday and this was delivered very fast. So happy with this product and would recommend to anyone.

  29. Susan Wilcock

    Very impressed

  30. Sheena Pallash

    I broke my arm and wrist a week before my holiday. As a daily swimmer this was a disaster on a major scale! Having previously used another product which did not keep my cast dry, I scanned to find your cover. Brilliant! I am totally in awe. Such an easy application and enabled me to swim on my holiday, keeping completely dry. No problem either in the heat. ! Very grateful !

  31. lee connolly

    Recently broke my wrist in a bike accident and I was travelling on my stag a week later.

    Thought it was going to be horrible not been able to go in swimming pool until I stumbled upon this device.

    All I can say is that it’s brilliant not only in the swimming pool but using the shower.

    Saved my stag do…..thanks

  32. Pauline Nicholson

    Good product but feel they should offer a less expensive delivery system option as well. Was going in for a planned replacement of a temporary half -cast with a full-cast so didn’t need next day delivery

  33. Grainne Howard

    I would highly recommend this product and its Irish distributors. We found this product to be extremely useful. My son broke his hand and he was able to swim while on holidays. We also found the staff at Dry Pro Ireland to be extremely helpful and the product arrived in the post very fast.

  34. Harry Hill

    My 7 year old son broke his arm 4 days before we were due to go on holidays and we thought we would have to keep him out of the pool. However we have just returned from holidays yesterday and having bought a drypro before we left my son took a full part in all water activities including swimming, diving into the pool, all waterslides and also showering. Not a drop of water got onto his cast, it was, as the manufacturers claim, 100% water proof. Thanks to the efficiency of delivery before we went the Drypro rescued our holiday. I genuinely recommend it for keeping a cast perfectly dry.

  35. Deirdre

    Our Son fractured his arm in school just before our holidays. He was told by the Doctors that he wouldn’t be able to swim and he was very upset. I checked in a pharmacy for a product that might enable him to swim and again they advised me that there was no way he would be able to swim with a cast. Then I went online and discovered your product. It was absolutely fantastic and Our son had the best holiday ever. He was able to swim and stayed playing the the pools for hours. He went down waterslides and wave pools and his cast remained completely dry. Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

  36. Chris

    We recently bought your product (FA-12) and couldn’t be happier!!!

    After our 5 year old daughter, Lucie, dislocated her elbow whilst playing in the school yard, we were told that she would have to wear a cast for 3 weeks. Any other Irish summer we would probably have just kept her out of the bath while washing her but, as it happened just as we were having the best weather we’ve had in years, it didn’t seem fair to exclude her from the trips to the beach and the pool. I trawled the net for something practical to cover her arm and was delighted to find DryPro.

    We are delighted with how it does exactly what you claim it does and Lucie has been able to shower and swim without any fear of the cast getting wet.

    Keep up the good work,

    Chris Barry
    (A very satisfied customer)

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